About Us

We are Socialisssima, a purpose-driven agency created with the objective of changing the client/agency/people relationship. Many of us have 20+ years of experience with Worldwide Holding agencies, and we decided to apply all the good stuff we learned, while also honing our ingenuity and keeping a growth mindset.
Something that every person on our team has in common is that we’re all curious by nature.


Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA, and not just in a “check the box” kind of way. We are a diverse team of all colors, and creeds, and geographical locations, and we work tirelessly to be recognized as a driving force of change. While headquartered in Austin, we’re operational pretty much everywhere; we build highly qualified teams that respond to specific challenges, avoiding big overheads. This structure allows us to be very strategic, nimble, and use time and resources wisely. Long story short, we build teams around our partners’needs, not the other way around.

With insights from all across the board, we have a deep understanding of what’s happening in-culture and we design effective communication strategies to connect, educate, and engage authentically with different communities. 


Our methodology to making big things happen is always staying aware and open, listening to all groups, coming up with hypotheses, testing them, learning from them, optimizing—and then starting all over again. We believe that constant iteration is the key to innovation.

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Norbi Zylberberg

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