Amazon Future Engineer

How can a huge company engage with Hispanics and other minorities in a meaningful way, sparking their interest in STEM, and at the same time opening their eyes to brighter opportunities?

“While Socialisssma is a highly capable marketing and creative firm, there are two attributes I consider uniquely “value-added”: First, the deep insight every member of the team brings on how to engage multiple and different audiences has been bar raising. Their expertise has served to increase the reach and impact of Amazon Future Engineer, helping to fulfill our community mission. Second, Socialisssma’s approach to relationship management is unparalleled. Acting with urgency, they onboarded quickly and embedded themselves as collaborators and thought partners. They consistently have gone above and beyond to deliver results on behalf of Amazon Future Engineer, with a proactive and forward-looking approach.”

-Erin Combs
Marketing & Communications Amazon Brand

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