Coronavirus Prevention Network

The world was at a halt until scientists developed an effective vaccine, and everyone breathed a little easier when the FDA started approvingthem.
What we needed at the start were hundreds of thousands of qualified volunteers—from multiple ethnicities—to step up, and roll up their sleeves.
We strategically worked to establish more emotional connections with all audiences (including Black, Latinx, and Asian American Communities, and Essential Workers). We authentically and transparently focused on driving awareness about the vaccine studies to generate greater knowledge, reliability, and overall trust.
“Help End The Uncertainty” as the umbrella campaign was the common denominator that reflected a collective human experience.

We developed more than 150 pieces (TV commercials, online videos, print, & radio) in 20+ languages and dialects, and generated more than 600 social media content pieces. Everything in six months, in four countries, and in the continents.

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